Why should you invest in Vena Coin?

Vena Coin will be the trading coin of a coming exchange and its price may double after the launch of our new exchange. So, hurry and take the opportunity before anyone else.

Total VENA 130,000,000

{{balance}} ETH

ETH Raised
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4.7 /5
ICO Track
4.8 /5
ICO Benchmark
4.2 /5
Holder ICO


Top 100 contributors entered in a drawing for a new car
1 million vena coins will be distributed the top 50 contributors as follows:

  • 300.000 vena coins to 1st top contributor
  • 200.000 vena coins to 2nd contributor
  • 100.000 vena coins to 3r contributor
  • 50.000 vena coins to 4rd contributor
  • 30.000 vena coins to 5th contributor
  • 7000 coins to each of the 6th to 50th contributors.

Prizes will be delivered 60 days from the end of ICO.

Vena Coin Sale Stages

Private Pre-Sale
April 20, 2018

1 ETH = up to 41,000 VENACOIN

up to 42% bonus

21,000,000 VENA COIN

(up to $0.75 million)

May 28, 2018

1 ETH = up to 41,000 VENACOIN

up to 39% bonus

170,000,000 VENACOIN

(up to $6 million)

June 1, 2018 - June 31, 2018

1 ETH = up to 28,800 VENACOIN

up to 10% bonus

We may issue up to 2 billion tokens, but we will probably issue less (current estimation is about 1 billion VENA tokens, depending on ETH price).

About Vena Coin

The crypto currency market is growing exponentially. As larger number of people are fuelling the speculations revolving around the abstract currencies, the market now seems headed towards a more authentic future. We are proud to announce the birth of a new cryptocurrency creating its own currency – The Vena Coin. The pillars of creation sent a distant light down in order to give rise to Vena coin, a breakthrough in crypto tech. Vena Coin is born of Vena Platform. Vena Coin is structured around decentralized Peer-to-Peer advanced cryptocurrency.Vena Coin aims to conduct secured and fast transactions using advanced Blockchain technology with seamless transfer of ownership. This is what makes Vena Coin stand out when compared to other cryptocurrencies. By using StarLight Coin, our platform allows users to utilize Six Major CryptoCurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum,Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin cash, and Bitcoin gold – as a payment method.



The technology behind Vena Coin is transparent, open, and available for anyone to know. All transactions are recorded after hashing on a block. Vena Coin has a goal to create transparency in every stage.


Highly Secured

With BlockChain technology being the backbone of Vena Coin, there is zero to no risk when it comes to fraud or hacking. Strictly hashed transactions cannot be decrypted or viewed by anyone except the owner.



With thorough research, analysis, and development, our team of programmers have developed this coin in order to ease the process of future cryptocurrency transactions. With clear roadmap.


Secured ICO investment opportunity

Vena Coin comes with a “Buy With Confidence” program. This program allows users to buy SLC in a secured way. We aim to create an honest platform by providing this exhange.


Seamless Crypto Payment Solution

Our strong and secured payment gateways ensure that cryptocurrency payments are up and running 24/7. Accept and send multiple cryptocurrencies through our seamless payment solution.


BlockChain Technology

Blockchain can be referred to as a distributed database. All the cryptocurrency transactions are stored and recorded on the block. These blocks are state-of-the-art cryptography which makes them impossible to hack or decode.

Crowd Sale

Cost of 1 token : 0.002714 ETH
Term of token sale: 75 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO
Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible
Technical limitation of tokens: 300 million
Adjustable emission: No further tokens will be created; any tokens not sold in the ICO will be burnt.
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Bitcoin (ВТC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments
Hardcap: ETH 11,000

1 token price

0.002714 eth

ICO Participants



March 2018
Preparing the Project Research and Development Discovering Best Payment Solution
May to June 2018
Advertising and Marketing of VENA Coin Revenue Distribution Developing Powered Staking Platform and Internal Exchange
Sep to Oct 2018
Advanced security set up for website Get listed on External Exchanges like Coinexchange.io Create Eco-friendly payment Gateway for E-commerce.
After April 2019
Global Market Expansion & Adaption Project Breakthrough
April 2018
White Paper Created Website Created
July to Aug 2018
Launching of Pre-Sale and ICO End of ICO Powered Staking Platform Launched Internal Trading Exchange launched Developing Android, iOS Applications iOS and Android Wallet
Nov to April 2019
Awareness to public for uses of coin Launching events for public Collaboration with Coinpayments.net for Global Payment Solution. Partnership with Global Payment Solution Websites

Token Allocation

  • 70% Coin distribute in ICO
  • 10% Developers and Team
  • 5% VENA advisors and management
  • 5% Advertising and social awareness of VENA
  • 5% Philanthropic actions and social responsibility
  • 5% Founder and the development and launch of the new VENA Exchange.

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  • Wu Zhaoling

    Being the CFO in the Vena coin is a tough task, thankfully...

    Wu Zhaoling

    Being the CFO in the Vena coin is a tough task, thankfully he was here to man the helm and lead the company where it needed to go.

  • Songeri Piao

    he is an accomplished Public Relations. His skills...

    Songeri Piao

    he is an accomplished Public Relations. His skills at creating relationships with clients are legendary;

  • Gladston Gomez

    He is our Communitcations & Marketing Advisor. His...

    Gladston Gomez

    He is our Communitcations & Marketing Advisor. His skills of understanding market perception are unparalleled, and he has positioned Communitcations &...

  • Yashir Inedal

    Mr. YAshir should be the fourth Developer should be...

    Yashir Inedal

    Mr. YAshir should be the fourth Developer should be smart Co-founder should be the first.

  • Wong Suet Yi

    Wong Suet Yi -- Public Relations, China.

    Wong Suet Yi

    Wong Suet Yi -- Public Relations, China.

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